Top 10 AngularJS Tools Every Developer Should Be Aware Of

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Angular JS is an open-source framework backed up by Google. It builds explicitly front-end of the application and also capable enough to address challenges coming up in single-page applications.


It provides a framework for client-side Model-View-Controller (MVC) and model-view-viewmodel architecture intending to simplify to development and testing of the applications.

You can also build an app using Angular but would not be able to reap all the benefits of the technology. For availing of the benefits, you need an AngularJS App Development Company that can help you in converting an idea into a virtual platform.


Below are a few AngularJS tools that will be useful in developing applications.

1) WebStorm

WebStorm provides IDE that offers coding assistance to developers for JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. It offers a broad array of modern technologies. Also, it can work along with other technologies to develop client-side and server-side applications.


Moreover, WebStorm provides smart coding, autocompletion, refactoring, progressive error and preventions, and a lot more. It also helps in improving productivity.

2) Karma

It is a testing framework and allows developers to run a test in a real ecosystem. The Angular JS tools can help the experts to test in real browsers and phones. The potential glitches can be found on the grounds and not in the lab setting.


Moreover, it supports unit testing, midway testing, and E2E testing. You always have to open files that you have listed in configuration files.

3) reduces the dependencies on Jquery by using Mentions and Macros. Also, it increases the flexibility to apply directly to any components, and also it accepts selectable inputs.


4) Djangular

Developers prefer to use Djangular tools for web App development based on Angular JS. You can create content for your project according to your requirements. Also, you do not need to integrate each project separately.


5) NGX restAngular

When you plan to build Angular apps, then it fetches out data from RESTful API. Also, when you need a unique response from the server, it allows you to specify custom HTTP methods.


You can send request GET, POST, DELETE and UPDATE and also, these requests can be sent to different services and servers without issues.

6) Protractor

Protractor is a testing framework and also one of the angular JS development tools. It offers testing capabilities for angular JS apps. It streamlines the web pages and tests one after the other.


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7) Angular Fire

It has proven time and again, a sound backend development tool at a time of developing Angular application. There are many benefits of development, out of which flexible API, 3-way data binding, and rapid development are the most powerful tools one can use to build the apps.


8) Angular Deckgrid

It is a lightweight grid of the Angular. The developer uses to instruct the code where the directive doesn’t depend on visual representation. Also, it receives visual representation through the usage of the CSS file.


9) Mean

It functions as a boilerplate across various platforms. Developers prefer this tool at the time of building Mongo DB, Node.js, Express, and Angular JS.


Also, it offers a preconfigured set of modules such as Mongoose and Passport that is useful to a majority of developers.

10) Sublime Text

It helps develop code for apps and web-pages. Also, it has grabbed the top position as a text editor in the developer’s list.


Moreover, it has a Python-application programming interface and is also an excellent cross-platform app development and a source code editor.

You can also go through an article on differences between Angular and React for a better understanding of the technologies.



Follow the tools mentioned above, and you will achieve success and a robust application. We leverage angular to build the application and make it a revenue-generating tool.


Angular.js is the best framework to build your cross-platform application. Also, it is affordable and saves a lot of time.

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