How To Make Money With Your Mobile Apps In 2020

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Mobile applications are booming in the market. The huge contribution of mobile apps is making people’s lives easier has made it successful and sustainable in the market. People spend most of the time using different apps and avail the services.


The app owner makes huge money out of the application. According to statista, $188.9Bn is estimated to generate from app stores and in-app advertising.

Commencing the business without application could be a bad option because there are many advantages which an app owner can reap by building an application. Building an app requires proper research about the idea, niche, target audience, market acceptance, etc.


Furthermore, it requires an IT solution experts who can convert your idea to a virtual platform. A topmost leading IT company in India & the USA might help you in becoming an entrepreneur.

Talking about the predictions of statista, one can build an app and make huge money out of it with different factors which are as follows:


1. Ad Revenue

Ad Revenue is the most successful way of making money. It has been proven that ad revenue can attract millions of dollars. In 2017, the app developers prefer ad revenue as their biggest income source.


Ad Revenue could attract you millions of dollars only then when your idea behind building an application is to make users’ life simpler and easier. The success of an app depends on the user’s preference over an app. How an app could make money has a very simple answer? Ad revenue is the biggest thing in the market that could make money out of the application.

Google AdSense or Google Ad Mob is the part of Ad Revenue which reads the text and other content of your application and decides to post the relevant advertisement on your application. The revenue depends on the number of clicks an advertisement receives. So, it is important for the application to be customer-centric and needful for the user because it attracts more downloads, which in turn leads to more clicks.


2. In-App Purchases

In-App Purchases is an innovative way to make money out of an application. Jio is an ideal example of In-App Purchases. You all might know the trending Telecom Giant Reliance Jio, which has almost beat the other telecom companies with its free Sim card and tariff benefits for a year.


In-App purchases also have similar model wherein an app owner provides free apps to its user and make them fond of it. Once the app owner becomes a potential user and doesn’t wish to discontinue or are ready to pay for it, the app owner then releases extra paid benefits into the application.

The gaming applications are the best example of In-App Purchases as it has a basic version of gaming, and after that, it requires few purchases from the store. The purchases are indirect ways of earning money out of the application.


In-App purchase is a very effective way of making money out of the application. The target audience will be ready to spend money behind application as they are enjoying the service of it, and in this way, the app owner can earn money.

For availing the benefits of In-App purchases, you need to have an app, and to know the cost behind developing an app requires a detailed idea about it. You can also see the price to make an app by going through the link.


3. Subscription

Subscription can be an ideal way of earning income. The famous saying “Slow and steady wins the race” is very relatable because the subscription is such that thing. Many successful examples have made a lot of money out of the subscription.


According to reports, the popular video streaming app Netflix has made $16M in 2018. Subscription means to subscribe to a particular factor that you wish to continue for a longer period. The best example is Youtube Channels, which are free for you but earn a lot of money to the channel owner. You can easily subscribe to your favorite channel without paying a single penny.

But, many apps require subscription charges, which can be breakdown into monthly, quarterly, or yearly. Subscription is an easy way of earning money because it can bring in steady revenue monthly, quarterly, or yearly.


4. Data Monetization

Data Monetization is a process of studying the market and its multiple parameters. There are a lot of companies that hunt for customers’ choice, preference, niche, etc. As the data mining companies are in the requirement of such data, they will surely approach the applications for collaboration.


They pay to the application for using the information from the app’s backend. Be sure to follow the GDPR policy, and also seek the permission of the user before accessing the data.

5. Paid Apps

Paid apps are risky and unpredictable. The application should be compelling and customer-oriented because that becomes the factor for users to pay for it.


An app owner has to brainstorm a lot in building such an application that has everything a user seeks in for a particular niche.

Paid apps have one-time revenue-generating potential, so every time it requires a new customer to download the application. The paid apps can be successful only then when the apps have the potential to simplify users’ life and become a sure shot need for the user.


An app owner can generate revenue in two ways from the application. First, they can compile the user’s need into an application and make it paid, and the other way is by reference to the primary user. If the primary user likes the service of an application, they will refer in their circle, and in this way, an app owner can earn money out of the application.

To have a close look at the marketing trends about what is upcoming and which key factors can help you in making money out the application, you can go through the article that will give enhance your idea about the money-making tools.



The best success mantra behind making money out of the application is to “engage the audience first and monetize later.” The more you make the audience dependent on the application, the more an app will generate revenue.


These are secret recipes for making money out of the application, which could help an app owner is planning a better application for their target audience. Apart from the above 5 strong pillars that can increase your revenue balance, there are other tools as well, which can help you in generating revenue, that is, sponsored content, partnering with mobile carriers, and many more.

Keep a close eye over the new market trends and adapt those to grab an opportunity to make money out of the application.

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