Exploring The Top SaaS Application Example For 2020

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Software As A Service is one of the top three cloud service models in 2020. The number of businesses opting for SaaS to meet their cloud operations requirements is rising. It is estimated that the number of SaaS workloads downloads will reach 380 million in 2021.


SaaS support to data usage management and operating system handling has made it the most popular choice for cloud computing services. Under this model, the provider has an application that can be subscribed by businesses for their data storage and management needs.

SaaS comes with easy to install and set up applications that are updated according to the changing requirements of the businesses.


Moreover, there are many applications among which you can choose the most appropriate one for your business processes. Let’s read about a few SaaS applications for businesses.

5 Top SaaS Applications For Your Business In 2020


This company has expanded beyond its search engine and advertising tools. It offers an absolute suite of tools that include calendar, video chat, and customized professional email.


The Google drive gives access to files that are stored on Google cloud. This eliminates the need to attach files while communicating with the team.

Amazon Web Services:

For most of the entrepreneurs, the AWS concept comes as a shock as Amazon for most of them is always related to eCommerce.


AWS has a plethora of cloud services where there are tools related to database, networking, analytics, management, and deployment. It is one of the most opted SaaS cloud services by businesses.


The Microsoft Office suite which includes word, excel, paint, spreadsheets, etc. is ruling the market for a long time.


It extended to cloud solutions with Microsoft office 365 which allows editing, creating, and sharing files from any operating system like iOS, Android, and Windows. This has expanded the scope of MS office incredibly.


This messaging tool has revolutionized business communication to a great extent. You can organize open communication channels that will be dedicated to different topics.


Other than this, private conversations can also be initiated via Slack where you can share and comment on files that are achieved on their own.

You can also check the various SaaS Pricing Models Examples. It will also guide you.


It is one of the most well-established providers for Software As A Service. It allows businesses to collect all the data. Leads and prospects related to customers from a single online platform.


Only authorized employees are allowed to access this information at any time. This boosts sales, client satisfaction, and loyalty.


Software as a Service application has become the need for businesses in contemporary times. Being one of the finest cloud service models, SaaS applications have to face fierce competition in the market. The top applications mentioned in this blog are offered by top-notch companies.


Going for a brand will give better security and performance. The process of making your business compatible with a SaaS application can be daunting. You can always contact eSparkBiz for choosing the best SaaS applications for your business in 2020.

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