12 Most Famous AngularJS Admin Templates That Every Developer Should Be Aware Of

Are you someone who is an owner of an IT company who is providing the AngularJS Development Services to all the clients? OR Are you someone who is working as a developer in an AngularJS Development Company? Then, you must be knowing in-depth about how AngularJS works and how you can use it in an effective manner to develop some great apps. Today, AngularJS development has been in massive demand as far as the IT industry is concerned and therefore, it becomes vital for all the developers to be aware of the AngularJS.

Now, if you’re in IT industry for a long time, then you must be knowing that AngularJS App Development is ruling the roost nowadays in the industry and the reason for that is, it is believed by many experts across the world that, AngularJS framework is the future king of Front-End Web Development. Therefore, as a developer, it becomes really important for you to know about all the latest innovations that are placing in AngularJS framework. Now, one of the latest innovation that every developer should have the knowledge of is AngularJS Admin Templates.

If you’re working as a developer in AngularJS Web Development organization for a long time, then you must be knowing that Admin Templates plays a crucial role in the development process. It is the Admin Templates which makes the job of the developers very easy while they are dealing with the creation of Admin Panel. Therefore, you have to be aware of the most popular ANgularJS Admin Templates, as it will help you all immensely in the future projects.

Now, Are you worried about how to know about the Admin Templates? Then, don’t be so. Today, I’m going to discuss 12 most popular AngularJS Admin Templates which will make your job much easier than ever before. So, why wait for anything to happen? Let’s get straight into the thick of things and analyze each Admin Template one-by-one.

[1.] Titan:-


If you’re a developer who is working in an AngularJS Development Company, then you must be knowing about Titan. Basically, Titan is a fully responsive admin template which is based on AngularJS and Bootstrap. One of the main USP of this template is that it is highly customizable. In addition to that, Titan provides the developer with charts, graphs, and advanced UI elements.

[2.] Material:-

The material is one of the most innovative AngularJS admin templates to have arrived in the market, without a pinch of a doubt. It is based on the concepts of AngularJS and Bootstrap 4. As a developer, if you’re looking for rapid application development, then this admin template could our best bet. In addition to that, the template comes with very good documentation and support.

[3.] Joli:-

If you’re someone who is working in an IT organization which is providing the AngularJS Development Services to all, then you must have heard about Joli. Basically, Joli is free admin template which is based on AngularJS as well as Bootstrap 3. Despite being a free admin template, it has the capabilities to compete with the best premium templates, which is awesome.!

[4.] Clean UI:-

If you ask any developer across the globe about the best AngularJS admin templates, then he/she will surely mention about the Clean UI in his/her list, without a pinch of a doubt. The main advantage of Clean UI is that it has a very simple design, which means you can create complex admin panel by using it. In addition to that, Clean UI is very well documented admin template.


[5.] Fuse:-

If you’re someone who works on AngularJS Web Development for a long time, then you must be knowing that Fuse is one of the most useful AngularJS admin templates to have arrived in the market. Fuse is based on Angular 4 as well as Bootstrap 4 and it allows the developers to save invaluable time & effort that you have to put in if you would have started from the scratch.

[6.] Rainbow:-

As the name suggests, Rainbow is a colorful AngularJS admin template which is built using AngularJS and Bootstrap 3. Other than being colorful, Rainbow comes with an elegant and clean design. The template has a huge collection of UI components, charts, graphs and pre-built pages. Due to all these wonderful features, Rainbow has become a go-to choice for many developers.

[7.] Clever:-

If you’re a developer who has the experience of working on an AngularJS Mobile App Development, then you must have use Clever for building the admin panel in your projects. Basically, Clever is a responsive admin template & so, it can fit into any screen size with the utmost ease. In addition to that, Clever comes with a great design which can be easily customized.

[8.] Blur Admin:-

Blur Admin is one of the most amazing free AngularJS admin templates to have arrived into the IT industry. Built with Angular and Bootstrap 3, Blur Admin is a template which has a clean and unique design. In addition to that, Blur Admin provides the developers great documentation so that, the developers can easily understand the workflow of the template and then implement it.

[9.] Monarch:-

If you’re someone who works on AngularJS App Development for a while now, then you must have heard about Monarch, without a pinch of a doubt. Monarch is one of the most popular admin templates and the reason behind that is, it has the most advanced User-Interface (UI) that you will ever see. In addition to that, The Template includes many plugins, which is fantastic.!

[10.] Angulr:-

Normally, when you talk about any AngularJS admin template, you are talking about a single template. But, in contrast to that, Angulr is a collection four admin templates - Angular version, HTML version, a Music SPA version, and Google material design version. The template provides the developers with many UI components which can be used in your AngularJS App.

[11.] NG App:-

NG APP is one of the most wonderful AngularJS Admin Template to have come in the recent times, without a doubt. One of the great USP of NG App is that it provides the developers with a lot of reusable UI components, which saves a lot of development time. Based on Angular 4 and Bootstrap 4, NG App provides you multiple dashboards as well as multiple responsive layouts.

[12.] GenesisUI:-

Like Angulr, GenesisUI is a collection of 8 admin templates all of which are based on the Angular 4. All the admin templates are premium and all the templates are highly customizable. All the templates have a high-quality design and it is maintained on a regular basis. In addition to all these, GenesisUI has more version of templates which are based on vue.js and react js.

Final Thoughts…

I hope you enjoyed reading this article as much as I did while creating it for all you wonderful people out there and it helps you all to be aware of 12 most famous AngularJS admin templates which will eventually help you in your future AngularJS application development projects. Thank You.!

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