10 Reasons Why WordPress Is Regarded As The King Of CMS Among The Developer’s Community

Are you working as a developer in a WordPress Development Company? OR Are you an owner of an IT company whose one of the core services is WordPress Development Services? The, you must have worked with many CMSes as a part of your website development process. Today, WordPress is regarded as the best CMS to have emerged in the last decade or so and therefore, there is so much development work being conducted on this CMS nowadays.

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If you’re working in the IT industry for a long time as a developer or as a designer for that matter, then you must have worked on many WordPress Website Development projects, for sure. Today, WordPress is in huge demand as far as the IT field is concerned and therefore, as a developer or as a newbie who is looking to break into IT sector must have the knowledge about WordPress as without knowing its concepts, it will be very difficult for you survive in the industry.
Nowadays, you may have seen many ads regarding the WordPress Web Design Company on various social media platform, isn’t? But do you know, Why WordPress has become so popular among the developer’s community in such a short span of time? OR What are the specific features that make WordPress the King of the CMS? If you have the answer to these questions, great.! But, if you don’t know these things, you’re in trouble mate, massive trouble.
The reason for that is WordPress is powering almost 30% of the websites that are live in the current scenario and therefore, it becomes very important for all the people to understand its speciality because if you’re in IT industry, you will have to work with WordPress sooner rather than later. Now, in order to know the specialty of the WordPress CMS, you need to have the knowledge about what is WordPress and how it works.
So, let’s discuss in brief about what is WordPress which will then give you the basic idea about its working. Only after that, you will be able to understand its features which makes it the King of CMS among the developer’s community.
What is WordPress?
According to Wikipedia, WordPress is a free and open-source Content Management System (CMS) which is totally based on PHP and MySQL. It was developed by the WordPress foundation on 27th May 2003 and from on, Custom WordPress Development has been in massive demand in the IT industry. Today, WordPress has been the go-to choice for developers as far as website development is a concern. It is also used for creating beautiful blogs. Due to its easy-to-use and flexible approach, WordPress has become very popular among the users.

After reading the above section, you must have got an idea of what is WordPress and how it works. But, the question still remains that what are the reasons or features that make WordPress the king of CMS. So, Are you excited? Do you want to know? Then, fasten your seatbelts and get ready to ride on a rollercoaster as I analyze 10 reasons which make WordPress the king of CMS. So, let’s discuss them one-by-one.
[1.] Free & Open-Source:-

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One of the biggest reason for WordPress being so popular among the developer’s community is that it is available to all at free of cost and it is open-source which means it can be customized according to your requirement. In addition to that, WordPress allows you to build your blog or website and if turns out be successful, then also you don’t have to pay any cost to the platform.
[2.] Ease-Of-Use:-
If you talk to any developer who is working in a WordPress Web Development Company, he/she will say that perhaps this is the biggest reason why WordPress has climbed the ladder very very fast. It provides you with very intuitive and easy-to-use User Interface (UI) which makes your job very easy. Editing the contents are as simple as working in an MS Word file.
[3.] Flexible & Customizable:-

When you’re choosing any new platform for the website, you want it to be flexible & customizable, isn’t? That’s WordPress rises above all the other CMSes as it allows the developers with all the tools and readymade plugins which helps them to customize the website according to their needs. In addition to that, WordPress allows the flexibility as far as the development is concerned.


[4.] Secure:-

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As a developer who is working on WordPress Plugin Development obviously wants that the platform which he/she is using is secure and WordPress provide that feature. WordPress is the most secure CMS to have come in the market. For the purpose of securing the website, WordPress continuously updates its software as well as the privacy policy, which is great.!
[5.] Mobile-Friendly:-
In today’s time where there is a trend of digitization, everyone is accessing the website via mobile and tablets rather than PCs and laptops. Therefore, as a business owner, it becomes necessary for you to choose such platform for your website which is mobile-friendly. That’s where the role of WordPress comes into play as it allows the user to develop the mobile-friendly site.
[6.] Support For Internationalization:-
Suppose, you’re a developer who is working on WordPress Theme Development for a business or organization which has expanded its wings in many countries across the globe, then you have to make sure that the website has support for internationalization. That’s where WordPress is so useful as it provides you plugins by which the website convert into different languages.
[7.] Ease-Of-Blogging:-
In addition to crafting an attractive website, WordPress also provides you with the facility of creating beautiful blogs in order to attract more visitors towards the website. Blogging is a platform which allows you convey the information regarding your products and services. That’s where WordPress is so useful as it provides you with all the tools you need for blogging.
[8.] Beginner-Friendly CMS:-
One of the major reason why Wordpress is used by so many people around the world is that it is the only CMS which is so easy for even the beginners to learn and understand. You don’t need any extra coding skills to be able to work with WordPress in order to develop a website or a blog for your business. All the necessary tools and plugins are provided by WordPress platform.
[9.] SEO-Friendly:-
In the current scenario, developing a great website is just not enough. In order for your business to be successful, you need to have a website which ranks well in the Google search engine. That’s where the role of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) comes into the picture as it allows you great visibility and WordPress provides all the plugins for SEO, which is fantastic.!
[10.] Awesome Community:-
As a developer, one of the things that you’re always looking for while choosing a platform for website development is the community support, especially when you’re dealing with a completely new environment. That’s where the WordPress has done a great job over the years as it has an awesome community on the web where the experts will answer all your query and doubts.
Summing Things…
After reading hundreds of blogs, analyzing thousands of surveys and conducting the meeting with industry experts, I have created a list of 10 reasons which makes WordPress the king of CMS among the developer’s community. I hope that after reading this blog, all your doubts regarding WordPress will be removed and it will help you be aware of the features that WordPress provides. Thank You.!
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